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Ball Hockey Edmonton's (Men's LeagueĆ· started in 1982 with a total of 14 teams playing in one level of play.Over the years, Men's ball hockey has grown and so have the levels of play. In 2011, we had over 150 Men's teams playing in 12 divisions of play. No matter what your skill level may be, there is a place for everyone to play the great game of ball hockey!

All players must be of the legal age of eighteen (18) in order to play in the Men's League. Players may only be registered to play for one team,but a player can play in one division and coach in another.

In the Men's league, we have a total of 12 divisions of play. The league is split up into 4 Tiers plus a Rec. Level, and there are Provincials for all levels of play. Winners at Provincials have a chance to move on to Westerns & Nationals. We try and place teams in the proper skill level. If your team has little or no experience, you would start in the lowest division. But no matter what division you end up in, you have a chance to win a Divisional and Tier championship, and a chance to qualify for Provincials. 

-Tier 1: (Division 1 teams)
-Tier 2: (Division 2-3 teams)
-Tier 3: (Division 4-5-6 teams)
-Tier 4: (Division 7-8-9-10 teams)

-Rec. Level: (Division 11-12 teams)

Team and player registration takes place every year during the months of January-February-March. Contact the B.H.E. Office at to get team or individual player forms sent to you.

All Men's teams are guaranteed a 24-game regular season, with everyone making the playoffs . The league starts early April and the regular season runs until mid July. Our playoffs run until the end of July, and the Provincials are usually held the second week of August.

We play our games in prime-time slots, from Sunday through Friday nights. On average, your team will play twice a week, and the nights you play on will rotate. We do not play on long weekends, and we also take Mother's Day off. The games usually take an hour and 15 minutes to play, and the slots are as follows:

-On most weeknights, games start at 7:00pm, 8:15pm, 9:30pm
-On Sunday's (early in season) games starting at noon at West only
-On Sunday's (later in season) games at 2:00pm - on

Ball Hockey Edmonton plays all our games out of the 3 Soccer Centres located in Edmonton. Each of the facilities has 4 rinks under the same roof, as well as a concession and a lounge overlooking the rinks. The buildings are located at:

-West Soccer Centre ... at 174 street & 106 a avenue
-East Soccer Centre ..... at Victoria Trail & 129 avenue
-South Soccer Centre ... at 65 street & Roper Road

Mandatory equipment for ball hockey includes a C.S.A. approved helmet and hockey gloves. Other equipment that is not mandatory but we do suggest your players wear includes elbow pads, knee pads, light soccer style shin pads, a full or half-shield, and of course, a "can" would be a very good idea for the boys. All face shields, whether they are half or full,must be C.S.A. approved. Goalies must wear full equipment and a CSA approved mask & helmet.