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Minor Ball Hockey Association of Edmonton is an incorporated, not-for-profit league in Edmonton. Both the BHE Adult League and the Edmonton Minor League have worked together for over 28 years. The Minors are a great feeder program, as hundreds of players have moved to BHE once they graduate from the Minor program. In turn, many of the players from BHE Adult program have brought their kids in to play ball hockey in the Edmonton Minor program. A great relationship has benefited both Minor and Adult programs, making ball hockey a great sport in the city of Edmonton.

The Minor League started in 1987 with a total of 5 teams playing in one level of play. Since that first year, Minor ball hockey has grown to where today, there are over 100 Minor teams for kids aged 3 to 17 years old. No matter what your child's skill level may be, there is a place for everyone to play the great game of ball hockey in our league! Players can play with their friends no matter where they live (we do not go by zones like other sports leagues) and it's not based on tryouts and ability. We promote kids playing the game most of us grew up playing in the streets, just more organized and no cars.  Teams are tiered according to the team's ability as a whole, so the best player in the league could play with his or her buddies even if they may not be as strong at the sport.  Minor Ball Hockey Edmonton is about Fun, Fitness and Fair play.

In the Minor League, we have several divisions of play. Our age levels are as follows, keeping in mind that the child's age as of January 1st is what we go by:

-Major  ...  ages 15-16-17 
-Intermediate  ...  ages 13-14   
-Minor  ...  ages 11-12        
-Atom  ...  ages of  9-10 years old
-Novice  ...  ages of 6-7-8 years old
-Pre-Novice  ...  ages of 3-4-5-6 years old

The  season starts in early April, and it ends in late June. The season consists of a 14-game regular season,  and all teams make playoffs aeach team is guaranteed at least 1 playoff game. Most games will be played on Friday-Saturday-Sunday. Most games are played out of the West Soccer Centre, but we do play some games  East and  South soccer centers. We do not play on the Easter & Victoria Day long weekends.  
The following is a list of mandatory and recommended equipment for Minor ball hockey: 

-Pair of running shoes (surface is a smooth concrete floor) 
-C.S.A. approved Helmet with full facemask 
-Hockey stick ( plastic blade sticks are not allowed) 
-Groin protection (Boys can or a Girls Jill) 
-Elbow pads 
-Soccer/ball hockey shin guards 
-Hockey Gloves 
-Goalies wear full equipment